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A 600+ unit condominium completed in 1997. Most preferred residences for Insead MBAs.


With Chinese antiques amidst a modern setting, the apartment’s design was inspired by the Chinese Cheongsam – the standard glamourous dress for Singaporean Chinese upper class women and courtesans alike. The apartment’s colour scheme and rich tones reflect the Cheongsam’s colours and patterns. The cheong sam, which was a common style of dress for women in the 1950s. This is reflected in the paintings on the wall featuring two Chinese women in Cheongsam, as well as the vibrancy of Cheongsam colours reflected on the walls. The Opium bed and cabinets reflect a time and place where socialites wore Cheongsams to parties and events. The Cheongsam conjures up images of a coquettish Chinese party girl, sashaying to the dance floor with a tuxedo dressed partner. It evokes images of old time Asian glamour and decadence as well as a stately presence in high society. Cheongsam is the word commonly used in Singapore for the modern qípáo, the form-fitting dress worn by Chinese women. Its evolution is fascinating. Originally, the qípáo worn on the mainland consisted of two roughly-made pieces — a far cry from the elegant gown we know today. That now-familiar style debuted in 1920s Shanghai and was popularized by the A-listers of the day: upper class women and courtesans. The revolution of 1949 sent the cheongsam into hiding in China, but the style thrived and continued to evolve in Hong Kong and Singapore. Several things happened in Singapore during the 1950s that allowed the cheongsam to blossom, for example, darting in the dressmaking process. As this dressmaking technique became commonplace, the dresses became even more body-hugging. And being a bustling port city, Singapore was awash in textiles from all over the world, allowing for greater experimentation in materials and design. By the 1970s, the cheongsam had become an old lady dress, rejected by the young for being too constrictive. Nowadays it lives on as a special occasion outfit or wedding gown.


One-north is the heart of Singapore’s Knowledge Economy. This is a 2 x 2 km area set aside to house the heart of Singapore’s Biomedical/Media/Green Technology initiatives. It is also home to academic institutions like INSEAD and the National University of Singapore / National University Hospital.

Nearby Amenities

The current “town centre” is Holland Village which is a lifestyle hub with F&B, banks, supermarkets, etc. Given the rapid development in the area, new food outlets (eg. Rochester Park) and conveniences continue to sprout up on a regular basis. There are also many parks close by, including Kent Ridge Park, the Henderson Waves, etc. Historical sites include Labrador Park, site of the Labrador Naval Battery.

Unit Type: 2-Bedroom Weekly Housekeeping: Yes
Bed: 2 x Queen Wireless Internet: Yes
Bathroom: 2 Cable TV: Yes
Accommodates: 4 Persons DVD Player: Yes
Size (approx.): 950 sq.ft. / 88 sqm Air Conditioning: Yes
Condominium: Dover Parkview Washer & Dryer: Yes
Address: 30 Dover Rise Singapore 138681 Microwave Oven: Yes
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista (5 mins walk) Kitchen Essentials: Yes
Check In: 3:00 PM Bedlinen & Towels: Yes
Check Out: 11:00 AM Lift in Building: Yes
  • Several Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Tennis Courts
  • Squash
  • Clubhouse
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sauna
  • Fitness Station
  • Jogging Track
  • Covered car Park
  • 24 Hours Security

Address: 30 Dover Rise, Dover Parkview, Singapore 138681

Monthly Rate: $6,800 (tenanted till Dec 2018)
Utilities: Inclusive (capped at $250/mth)