As an expatriate in Singapore, your choice of accommodation can vary from a hotel, traditional serviced apartment or long-term rental apartments.

All of these have their pros and cons, but not all may suit the company’s budget or individual’s taste and standard of living comfort. For instance:

  1. Small, cramped and expensive hotel rooms are not an option if you need to stay for several months

  2. Traditional serviced apartments have also become too expensive for companies on a tight budget

  3. Renting your own apartment may be cheap, but it usually leaves you with the hassle of shopping for extra furniture, applying for your own utilities/internet/cable TV account, or finding a housekeeper/contractor for maintenance and repairs, etc.

At Residences by Homestead, we’ve got affordable serviced apartments that are perfect for today’s corporate housing budget. Our flexible stay period gives you the freedom to stay as long as you need, while our design and services are sure to bring you utmost peace of mind and comfort.

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